We ‘optimize’ IT solutions for the client with cutting-edge technology that provides the best value. Over time, we have refined business processes by blending various industry best practices. Reducing IT complexities, we work hard to deliver the best results at each stage of development. A goal oriented stance with the flexibility of multi-technology expertise puts us ahead of the curve.

Optimize IT Systems delivers customized solutions that are fully tested, validated, and supported. Updates and maintenance provide end-to-end solutions as the client need evolves. Software is created in short time-boxes known as iterations to minimize peril. These iterations last from one week to one month adding critical flexibility. Going beyond the brief of an IT solution provider, we are your partner in Digital Transformation.

Client Centric

Investment in user journeys helps OIT identify functionalities that focus on client requirements. We analyze specific product requirements in tandem with client business drivers to achieve customer satisfaction. With these as our cornerstones, we develop client-centric solutions. OIT’s customer centric mantra allows the client to truly focus on and take advantage of new growth opportunities.


We follow the Agile framework to develop products in short sprint cycles with an emphasis on continuous feedback and a time-bound approach in the implementation of solutions incrementally. We maintain close and continuous communication channels with the client to collaborate through the development lifecycle. We implement the Agile Manifesto of interactions - working software, collaboration, and adaptive response to change - at all levels.


We help corporations maximize their business potential via the scalable processes of design, development, and deployment of customized solutions. The DevOps collaboration, continuous integration, and iterations’ flexibility help build a consistent delivery method that is sustainable, and it brings transparency to stakeholders. Enabled by efficient processes, OIT’s focus is on the delivery of an optimum solution.

Why Optimize IT?

Optimize IT Systems is an end-to-end solutions provider with a firm grasp of the full system life-cycle, providing services in solutions consulting, product conceptualization and implementation, user documentation, operations and maintenance support. We develop solutions that help customers improve efficiency, increase productivity, and boost the bottom-line. We have deep expertise in the design and implementation of secure enterprise systems as well as cutting edge mobile and web applications.

Armed with experience from past collaborations in diverse fields, OIT brings the best of technologies to you. We build holistic and robust solutions using web, enterprise, and mobile technologies such as Drupal, Salesforce, Artificial Recognition, iOS, Android, HTML5 and .NET. We are well versed in implementing solutions on the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS) being our go-to cloud services provider. Our methods tailor these technologies to work in-sync with Client business requirements. We are not big or small, licensed,or open source; we just find the right fit and leverage the choicest technologies to provide the client organizationan edge in today’s technology centric world.

OIT is a Technology Partner. We bring clarity and transparency to technology initiatives, facilitating focus on the client’s core business. Driving real results, OIT focuses on enabling client business drivers and customers.

  • CMMI Level 3
  • NASSCOM registered
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Salesforce, AWS, Agile certified professionals
  • State-of-the-Art IT infrastructure
  • Agile methodologies
  • DevOps collaborative structure
  • Exhaustive analysis
  • Focused implementation
  • Strong technology competency
  • Seamless transition model
  • Delivery centers across multiple locations
  • Process driven approach
  • Transparent communications

Our Solutions

Who We Are

Optimize IT Systems is a complete solution delivery partner. Our story began with a clothing manufacturing company who needed multi-level solutions to address orders, production, delivery, inventory management, and sales. We developed and deployed end to end solutions and support with training and maintenance. Since then, we have matured into a client centric complete solution provider. Several successful deliveries across industry verticals like healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and finance enable a robust delivery and deployment system to optimize client ROI.

What We Do

We add value to the client organization through design, development, and effective deployment of innovative technology solutions. Whether the need is a mobile application tailored towards a consumer or a web service that helps clients’ employees increase productivity and automate mundane tasks out in the field, we create it. OIT builds intuitive solutions that enable the client to deliver their best.

We believe in consistent and quality deliverables achieved through an in-depth analysis of the client’s need and vision. Client goals dictate our approaches in using the latest technologies to build custom, effective and visually stunning solutions - be it a stand-alone system or a well-crafted amalgam.