Our Strengths


At OIT, we invest in user journeys by leveraging Agile methodologies to ensure an Optimized end product. This helps us identify functionalities that enable the client’s tasks. We analyze what the client wants their product to achieve. With this focus, we build for the results the Clients want. So, with client requirements as the focal point for project development, OIT services harness digital technologies to maximize business drivers and produce the desired results.


Smartphones have replaced almost all other means of operating. Thus, creating intuitive apps with impeccable functionality that develop interactions to build and add value is OIT’s focus. Native apps present full functionality; Immersive apps provide a tailored interface and interact seamlessly (iOS, Android, Windows) with the operating system. Cross platform applications (PhoneGap) allow flexibility of OSs within a transformation budget. Read More


As Salesforce Partners, we modernize and transform CRM systems to enable the client’s business need. OIT is uniquely positioned to support sophisticated CRM strategies, offering complete services: from advisory & strategy consulting to IT landscape & process optimization, on to implementation, deployment, and support. Solutions include cloud, mobile, master data management, real-time analytics services, and components. Read More

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM creates tailored, proactive experiences. Dynamics ERP (enterprise resource planning) software gives client resources the tools needed to manage an entire business, from financial & supply chain management to manufacturing, operations, & human resources. OIT enables a 360degree view of the client’s customers, building engagement across all touch points (sales, service, marketing, field service) via Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Read More


In 2017, digitization is overtaking other business growth models. OIT helps clients bring their organizations into the digital age. Our competency with .NET, Drupal, Java, and other technologies helps Clients meet their enterprise needs. These are tools that are reliable, fast, and engaging. Scalable, versatile services with experienced, skilled teams to understand and handle the nuances of client business requirements. Expert programmers use diverse open & closed source technologies to create web apps as a platform for interaction with customers, boost efficiencies, and increase productivity. Read More

PHP Drupal

OIT’s expertise in Drupal allows us to use Drupal’s flexibility, customizability, and scalability for Client benefits, easily managing content to enabling flawless user interaction. Simple things like email forms, shopping carts, content to save past orders and recommend similar products, interactive forums, private messaging systems become an extension to showcase Client organizations to the end user. From community web portals to personal websites, eCommerce to social networking sites, newsletters to resource directories - Drupal enables organizations to build for a stronger online presence. Read More

App Development Mgmt Services – ADMS

Constantly evolving technologies make it critical to align business strategies with robust app development and maintenance. Applications must be up and running in time to carry out business functions smoothly. For continuous availability, the applications are supported by domain experts. Experts ensure that applications are in good health and increase reliability, accessibility, performance, efficacy of applications & long-term sustainability. Read More


DevOps represents a shift in the way an organization operates. In place of operating in isolation and comparing results, OIT operates as a single unit from development to operations and testing. OIT incorporates DevOps practices to get more done, plain and simple, without losing focus on schedules and quality. With a team composed of cross-functional members all working in collaboration, DevOps helps deliver with maximum speed, functionality, and innovation. Read More


Delivering IT solutions from the physical plane, OIT offers cloud solutions that are flexible, dynamic, and secure. Specialized automation and integration that enhance efficiency through the core feature of elasticity. Accessibility is at Client fingertips, backed by a vast network of resources. Freedom from heavy infrastructure costs and related shortfalls makes this the best move forward for any enterprise that is looking ahead. Read More


The technologies OIT uses have built in SEO tools that help us leverage the client’s digital presence for optimum output. As an IT technology consulting company, OIT proactively gain insights into leading and emerging technologies to meet the ever-growing needs of clients. Proper optimization does not just mean better search result rankings, it also indicates better user experience. OIT brings the client a highly effective marketing tool and credibility with SEO. Read More


Optimize provides robust software solution and mobile solutions using the power & flexibility of the modular approach offered by the J2EE platform. Companies, globally, understand that they gain a supportable benefit through emerging custom apps for their exclusive business requirements. Quick deployment and development are essential for in-house apps to raise employee efficiency and for rich web apps that cater to the customer. Read More