Case Studies

Mobility Solution for a Truck Driver’s community

OIT enabled the Client by developing the first free membership community application created for professional truck drivers.OIT built a solution to make professional drivers’ lives on the road simpler with facilities such as truck safe navigation, information about best routes, parking availability, weigh stations, food stops, etc. was built. The app allows professional truck drivers to work more efficiently and stay connected on the road. Read More

Mobility Solution for Identity Management

OIT developed an app that facilitates identity management for the Client. In accordance with official rules, privacy laws, and other such considerations, we fashioned a mobile solution to enable the Client to provide their customer with facilities to enable easy travel, optimize rewards, etc. Enabled with fingerprint and biometric recognition, this app was available at the customers’ fingertips with kiosk functionality. Read More

Mobility Solution for Healthcare Online

The Client requirement was a mobile solution for bringing Healthcare to the end user’s fingertips. OIT delivered a solution that has a patient and doctor user interface that simplifies appointments, medical histories, prescriptions, etc., executed hand-in-hand with the electronic medical database to provide secure exchange of information and facilitate the availability of healthcare online. Read More

Field Force Automation for Home Internet Services

OIT delivered a field-force optimization solution that allowed the Client to support their work force through mobiles and tablets. The Client (a global internet services provider) armed their work force with technological tools that made time consuming tasks simple and increased customer satisfaction. With technicians spending less time on paperwork, they have more time to engage with the customer. Read More

Salesforce CRM for Internet Provider

The solution was a Salesforce CRM platform that optimized the launch of the Client’s internet services for residences in Brazil. The customer life cycle (activation, service modification, suspension, cancellation, etc.) was enabled via Salesforce CRM. This allowed the consumer access to make modifications on their own profile through a self-care module Similarly, an admin module allowed client technicians to create new plans and/or modify existing ones. Read More

Salesforce CRM for Realty Sector

Optimize delivered a complete Salesforce CRM solution for the Client (an organization that provides real-estate consultation and valuations, residential and commercial). A comprehensive solution was developed that simplified and streamlined asset management and inventory, agent data, customer acquisition and engagement, aided by a complete view of the sales pipeline and existing customers. Read More

Enterprise Solution for Solid Waste Management

OIT facilitated the Client by building an easy to use, dedicated app that allowed the workforce to streamline civic issue management. The solution addressed garbage collection, cleaning of roads, provided a way for the citizen to get involved, simplified maintenance tasks and their management, complaint and grievance management, etc. Centralized monitoring and status tracking of maintenance in the city provided a complete solution for the Client. Read More

Web Solution for Strategic Alliance Organization

OIT combined content strategy & design initiatives, leveraging today’s best practices in Drupal architecture, to create a solution tailored to Client needs. This allows a fully responsive, engaging, attractive, & easy to use site. The result, an integrated digital strategy in the form of a website, allows members to easily find groups & obtain the latest research and information, connect, and grow. Read More

Emergency Information Management Solution

Optimize IT developed and delivered a solution on both, web and mobile, platforms to an emergency management Agency. The site is a repository of information for the citizen in case of adverse, emergency situations. The site provides emergency managers such as firemen, police, etc. a medium to communicate information and details with any affected parties, providing a resource in times of need for citizens as well. Read More